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Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Serum (1.0oz/30ml)


Quench your parched skin with our light, age defying, daily-use serum crafted with two powerful repairing ingredients – Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C. While Hyaluronic Acid is famous for its mega moisture benefits, Vitamin C is known not just for its potent antioxidant properties, but also for accelerating collagen production, brightening complexion and preventing dark spots and skin discolouration. Armed with all the power to plump skin tissue and keep it soft and dewy, this is just the serum to help you retain moisture and keep skin looking bright and fresh.

  • hand made
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
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Repeated exposure to UV radiation results in early signs of facial aging like fine lines and pigmentation and as we age, our skin gets dehydrated easily. The Neemli solution to this is a serum with a wonderful blend of effective ingredients that work to bring your skin alive. While Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, rejuvenating skin cells and reducing fine lines, Hyaluronic acid draws in moisture to the skin, making it plump and smooth.  Also enriched with anti-inflammatory Witch Hazel and soothing Aloe Vera Extract, this serum works on oily as well dry skin, improving acne problems and helping you combat pollution and skin stress.

The Neemli Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum is not tested on animals. It is free from animal derived raw materials, parabens, propylene glycol and fragrance.

Dry & Dehydrated Skin: Our own bodies naturally produce Hyaluronic Acid, but its levels decline with age making skin dry. This potent serum helps in adding moisture back into the skin, giving you a fresh, dewy complexion.

Reducing Fine Lines & Hyperpigmentation: Vitamin C helps boost collagen production within the skin, Hyaluronic Acid provides long lasting hydration and Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 helps your skin grow a ceramide barrier which evens out skin tone, giving you a balanced complexion.

Priming & Brightening: With a non-greasy formula and gel-like texture given by aloe leaf extract, this serum loaded with skin benefits, works perfectly as a velvety makeup primer, smoothening and visibly brightening your skin.

  • Use 2 – 4 drops of serum on cleansed, toned face and neck
  • Massage it in and leave it on
  • Apply moisturizer and other creams after applying serum
  • Start with using it once a day for a week and then morning and night for a dewy, radiant look

Key Ingredients

12% Vitamin C

A legendary antioxidant, Vitamin C boosts collagen production within skin cells and helps promote better skin elasticity and firmness. This helps fight fine lines and wrinkles, keeping signs of premature aging at bay. It also evens skin tone and brightens ageing skin and is known to prevent the appearance dull patches and dark spots.


2% Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring in the connective tissue throughout our

bodies, with 50% of it existing only in our skin. It holds 1000 times its weight in

water and provides significant, long-lasting hydration at a cellular level.


Also referred to as Vitamin B3, Niacinamide is a forgotten hero in the world of skincare. It boosts immunity of sun-damaged skin, helps build a ceremide lipid barrier to retain moisture, regulates natural oil flow of the surface, reduces hyperpigmentation, visibly brightens otherwise dull complexion and minimizes lines and wrinkles.


Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

This soothing botanical extract gives our serum a gel-like consistency, making it easy to apply. A deeply hydrating humectant, it also helps in improving acne-related problems.


Witch Hazel Extract
A natural astringent, Witch Hazel helps in balancing oily skin, toning and soothing. Enriched with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it is useful in combating free radicals that helps your skin deal with environmental stress and pollution.





Purified water,3-O- Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerine, Aloe vera ( Aloe Vera Barbadensis )Extract, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana)Extract, Niacinamide, Methylsulfonylmethane, Benzyl Alcohol, Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Xanthan Gum, Di-Sodium EDTA, L-Arginine, Lemon (Citrus medica Limonum) Oil, Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens) Oil, Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) Oil.

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  1. Parita

    Finally a skin care brand that actually delivers! I recently purchased the Vitamin C serum and within a weeks time noticed a dewy glow on my face. It dint feel greasy or sticky at all. A genuine product at a great price point!
    Thanks Neemli for being a one stop shop for all things skincare! A must try for all skin types. Ps: love the packaging too 🙂

  2. Kamini

    Skin feels great after usage, Also has a glowing effect on the skin. Feels completely natural. Unlike other competitors which feel more synthetic.

  3. Lisa

    I’m really pleased with this serum, It is an effective product, pleasant to be used and makes the skin smoother and brighter. Might be expensive,but definitely worth the price

  4. Sonam

    This is an amazing serum. I use it morning and night and it visibly plumps up my fine lines. The delivery was on time and on schedule, which is always good

  5. Rheya

    This is my first time buying a hyaluronic Serum and I am very pleased with it. Love how moist it makes my skin feel. It is affordable and awesome. Will definitely buy it again

  6. Priyasha Sukhee

    Very light and airy. I found price to be a little high, but the product is really good. I’m happy with the results.

  7. Jhanvi

    Worth every rupee. My face has brightened up. SUPERB PRODUCT!!

  8. Nola

    I am 40 now and suffer from extremely dry skin hence I have to use Moisturizer right after. This serum is really nice. I have been using it before the day cream on a daily basis. The Effects are truly amazing, and there is a glow and lift in my skin, which I haven’t seen from any such products!

  9. Alia Hussain

    Initially I bought a sample piece after requesting it to them directly on Instagram. Being a new brand I didn’t want to make such an expensive purchase , but after using this serum and then buying another full size, I can vouch for it. And thumbs up to their after sales service , they are very responsive and get back to me as quickly as possible every single time

  10. Vanita Udeshi

    This is the one thing i carry everyday with me with my moisturizer and even though ive been advised to use it not more than twice a day, i sometimes end up using it once in the afternoon as well. Just a little bit though! It has a lovely tightening effect and locks in all the moisture with my daily mositurizer, I feel like its an added shield of protection.

  11. Supriya Joshi

    It is very light! almost like aloe vera and not thick at all. My skin feels very protected after using it. Price is worth the quality.

  12. Ritu Sachdeva

    It is a good serum. I did lot of research before buying this product as it quite expensive. After finally using it I can say the effects are very good on the skin. I also took the day cream upon their suggestion, both of these are going quite well with each other.

  13. Rita Mahajan

    This was an expensive buy, but after using it and finishing the bottle and now in the process of purchasing my second bottle I can vouch for it’s quality. No point buying those lesser priced serums and not getting any effect. This works and I works well.

  14. Sonal Patra

    I bought, then i made my mom buy it, then my sister bought it, and now we keep finishing each others bottles. This is something i need everyday without fail.

  15. Pallavi Prakash

    I have have pigmentation issues my whole life, its probably the reason why i use so much makeup everyday, and this serum has obliterated most of this within a month. After seeing the results i was compelled to write a review because anyone is facing dark spot and pigmentation problems this serum is the answer.

  16. Pallavi Singh (verified owner)

    This serum is simply amazing. It’s lightweight and very effective. I’ve using it daily since the day I bought it. My skin looks glowy, plumped and even toned. Seeing the results, I made my Maasi buy it too 😬 the delivery was prompt and great customer service too ❤️ Will surely continue using it for years.

  17. Pria RoyChoudhury

    Lightweight, Fast absorbing serum that has a citrusy smell. Would love to know the PH and the % of Vitamin C in it because those are the two most important aspects of a potent vitamin C Serum.

  18. Udita (verified owner)

    The serum helped with my pigmentation problem, and I could see a visible difference in my skin in 3 weeks.

  19. Sayanti

    I was sceptical to use the product initially, but the positive reviews encouraged me to try it out and now I love this serum to bits! Its every word true to its claim- my skin had dried out horribly due to the dry and hot weather, but it serum fixed it up all right and I could see the difference in a week’s time. It quenches dry and dull skin making it look water kissed , brightens it up with a plump and dewy radiance. The delivery is also on time. One star down for the price

  20. vidhya23 (verified owner)

    I have never used this product. I bought this product for my husband after reading all the reviews. My husband hates putting any sort of cream or serum or sunscreen on his face. Anything even slightly tacky and I can predict that the product will stay on my shelf collecting dust till it’s expiry.
    This is one product that my husband (after much initial whining) not only took to like a duck to water, but he came back and asked me to repurchase this when it was close to ending!!
    The product is super fast absorbing. The product has also resulted in super brightening of my husband’s skin and reduction in dullness due to stress and sun. I would highly recommend this product to everyone based off of my husband’s experience. Have now bought a new bottle for him and me to share (if he does).
    Now if only Neemli could create a solid sunscreen that is as fast absorbing!

  21. Purvi Rathod (verified owner)

    best vitamin c serum in the market and trust I have used many!

  22. Asmita Rawal (verified owner)

    Product is worth the money, I used to buy keihls vitamin c serum for almost double the price, and this one has not only worked for me but I can see a change in my skin.

  23. Minal Shah (verified owner)

    vry good prduct from neemli, works very for my me and my mother

  24. Nadia (verified owner)

    i have been using it for 2 weeks and i really feel its showing some effects, first thing i noticed was it was light and it absorbed nicely into my skin and after using everyday for 2 weeks i could see spots fading and my skin looking better, product is worth the price

  25. Evelyn (verified owner)

    My bottle has lasted me 2 months and my skin has been looking nice, I don’t know if its because of this product or my change in diet in general but I want to continue using it.

  26. Shraddhanjali (verified owner)

    If youre looking for a vitamin c serum, I have done my research and I would advise anyone to give this a try. I can compare to many brands of much higher value and I still feel this is better

  27. sandhyafmgi (verified owner)

    I am a 39 yr old person with normal skin to mild dry skin and I had wrinkle lines over my nose sides and started to see a uneven skin. I haven’t not used any kind of creams so far. As soon as i started feeling that my skin is getting aged i started checking on the internet for a best product. I got to know about this serum through Swetha Vijay in youtube. Oh my husband (he is my god)… what a serum! I am in love with it from the very first application. It has brought back my skin to be. I got a shine on my nose my uneven skin tone has tremendously changing. Thank you Neemli Naturals!!!

  28. Dhwani Parekh (verified owner)

    Being of a sensitive skin I was apprehensive about using this serum but I gave it a go and I am glad I because it has really keep my skin amazingly. I give it 5 stars

  29. Sana (verified owner)

    After using it for the past 6 months the only complaint I have is that they should release a 100 ml version so I don’t need to keep buying a new one every month

  30. Yukti Prabhu (verified owner)

    Has helped change my skin for the better, I use it in the day before my sunscreen lotion and it works for my skin.

  31. Prisha

    Really nice texture, feels good on the skin, and gives it some much-needed hydration.

  32. Souq4us

    Combats dark spots and helps in preventing melanin production. This reduces reverses hyperpigmentation, acne spots, dark spots, etc.

  33. Jinal (verified owner)

    I RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE! neemli serum is easily their best product and my favourite, it really suits my skin and hence easy to recommend.

  34. Panchali Debbarma

    I love it, It’s awesome I want this oil .

  35. Simmy Chakravarty (verified owner)

    I don’t use too many products on my face and hence I assumed that my skin won’t age or show symptoms of exhaustion. This serum brought back life to my skin. I started appreciating the night skin care regime and swear by it. This is my first serious serum trial and I’m gonna stick to it. Soft and supple skin, reduced spots and I think the darkness around my eyes has also reduced. So, five stars!!

  36. Aparna Parekh (verified owner)

    my day time savior and favorite product of neemli along with argan rose day cream

  37. Rachel Eduardo (verified owner)

    My all time favourite Neemli product, it helped me achieve that no makeup look

  38. Sreedevi

    I usually end up with dry patches of skin near my lips and above jaw line in winters, which darken . These spots do not go away for a long time. I started using Neemli almost 8 months ago and I went through winter without this issue. My skin pigmentation too is reduced to a large extent . Only my 6th bottle and very happy with this product

  39. Jayanti Bhasker (verified owner)

    This serum works. I was hesitant to buy it initially coz of its high price but its all worth it. Consistent use for over 10 days begun showing its effect. My skin looked glowy and moisturized. I use it religiously now and encourage everyone who listens to buy. We don’t need Korean, American skincare brands. Indian brands are the very best, and I am not saying it out of misplaced pride but because the home-grown brands know much better the needs of Indian skin.

  40. Neelam bhalla (verified owner)

    Discovered the serum recently I am 63 but still open to trying out anything that makes my skin feel better….after 5days feel a noticeable difference…recommend it strongly ..age no bar to experimenting

  41. Sharanya Shastry

    Please make unscented versions!

  42. Sudha (verified owner)

    Vit c serumswise this is the best one

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A rising star in the clean beauty space, Neemli Naturals has your entire regimen covered. Its vegan serum (yes hyaluronic acid is often animal based) will fade dark spots and gently exfoliate skin for a healthy glow.

A hydrating brightening serum that leaves your skin nourished with a subtle, healthy natural shine.

The Hyaluronic Acid seemed to instantly hydrate my skin, making it look softer and fresher than before. With regular use (twice a day - morning and night), I discovered that the wrinkles near my eyes were fading.

This is a serum that I would recommend you get your hands on real quick and give your skin the intense dose of moisture it really needs!

This serum is simply amazing. It's lightweight and very effective. I've been using it daily since the day I bought it. My skin looks glowy, plumped and even toned.

It has a lovely tightening effect and locks in all the moisture with my daily mositurizer, I feel like its an added shield of protection.

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